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Welcome to our personal training services based in South London's Crystal Palace area. We are a team of two dedicated trainers, Rob and Iggy, committed to helping you achieve your fitness goals. Our clients come from a variety of backgrounds. We train busy professionals looking to reintroduce fitness into their lives and meet their fitness goals, individuals seeking to strengthen their bodies post-rehabilitation or address old injuries, and mature clients who want to enhance their strength and mobility. We also work with athletes who are striving to perform at their best. We firmly believe that everyone has the potential to become a fitter and happier version of themselves through exercise.

At our private 1-2-1 training studio, we believe in a holistic approach to fitness. Our goal is to help you become stronger, faster, more mobile, and knowledgeable about fitness and diet. We believe strongly that exercises can be adjusted to suit any level of fitness and tolerance. We also understand that life can get hectic, so we work with you to fit exercise seamlessly into your schedule.

Our journey together begins with a consultation where we can get to know each other, discuss your goals, and determine the most effective programming style for you. We then tailor a program specifically to your needs and preferences, ensuring that it remains fluid, dynamic, and effective as you progress and aim for even greater achievements!

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 I work with professionals looking to lose weight, get stronger, more toned or simply fitter and healthier, clients that want to strengthen post rehabilitation, and mature clients looking to gain strength and mobility. I want my clients to not only reach their goals but enjoy the process of exercising, gaining satisfaction through movements that they didn't know they could achieve - whether that's a pull up, a deadlift, a back squat or just improved mobility. My own personal approach is that I believe anyone can achieve through movement. I particularly shine in helping people work with their unique bodies, finding the right intensity of workout to suit their fitness levels and tolerance. Each client is unique and my training sessions reflect that. The best feeling is when I know a client has walked away from our sessions feeling more positive about themselves and their lives. 

I have many years of experience in calisthenics and gymnastics strength training - although these days my workouts are more geared toward powerlifting and developing overall athleticism. My route into being a personal trainer began when I finally started strengthening my knee which was in debilitating pain from multiple knee dislocations. In making massive improvements to the pain, strength and mobility of the knee I realised how transformative strength training could be, and knew then that I wanted to use exercise to help transform other peoples lives. 

These days, You can find me playing 5-aside football and going for frequent runs, as well as pushing myself to achieve greater feats of strength in the gym. Going from chronic knee pain to squatting over twice my bodyweight is something I am particularly chuffed about.

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I am passionate about teaching, training and helping my clients achieve their fitness goals.  I have experience teaching people of many ages, skills and abilities. Throughout the process of personal training, I always aspire to help my clients develop a positive and long lasting relationship with exercise that they can take with them outside of the studio. Strength, endurance, balance, conditioning and postural imbalances are just a few of the areas I routinely cover in my sessions. I have a history of weight and barbell training but during the last two years I have focused on calisthenics and gymnastic strength training. Moreover, I have played basketball at regional and university level and love to build workout plans for sports specific clients, enhancing their overall athleticism or need for injury prevention. That being said, I believe everyone should and can train their bodies in an athletic fashion with the right regressions and form coaching to help achieve their true potential. Above all, exercise for me has to be meaningful and fun! I always try to add variety and purpose in all movements I take my clients through, helping them to build confidence, consistency and results in their training.

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